Dream Concerts
Growing up in a household where more than 50% of the DVDs consisted of concerts, I learned to appreciate the act. Although honestly speaking, I've only been to quite a few of them. And mostly, it wasn't the insane arena concerts, but the hotel or bar gigs.

I've promised my self that if these two things happened at the same time:
1. I'm working with a steady pay
2. A band, which I would put on my list later, comes to the Philippines
I would grab the opportunity and buy tickets... No matter how insanely expensive it may be.

I dream of going to these concerts...


Simply Red

Earth, Wind, and Fire

(something in this era) Michael Buble

and Jason Mraz

Ilocos Sur 2012
A photo dump (of some sort)

Chose 3 photos out of the thousands I took during our Ilocos Sur Getaway last July.

The Philippines is pretty. I wonder why not much falls in love with her....

Halo - Beyonce
I'm content.
I'm head over heels.
I'm happy.

Thank you.

It's not perfect.
It's not moving on a smooth path.
It's not always smiles and laughter.

But, thank you.


A little something to help me prime up posting in my blog...
Photo done with photoshop and minimal skills.

Scratch that.
Previous post was the worst idea ever.

I woke up this morning with sour coffee. I spat it out immediately.
I should've known... I like my coffee with TONS of creamer and that being said... My coffee's shelf life would be around 3 hours.

Back to original plan.
Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Head downstair, make coffee then bath-brush routine.

I hate it when things don't fall in place. 

Note to Self
Before you go to bed, fill up your tumbler with coffee and put it on your bed's headboard.
That way, you can have a jump start in the morning before you step out of your room.

Everyone knows how cranky you are in the morning and it's about time you give them some slack. Not that much that you're technically chirping in their faces, but enough to actually muster the strength to greet the household "Good Morning!". 

Coffee babe... It's been the staple of breakfast since forever and it's about time we examine this fact.

I hate hot...

I hate cold...

That is... when it comes to food. With the exception of juices and ice-cream of course.

I'd rather eat stale warm soup than hot off-the-pot ones.
I'd rather eat dried warm rice than steaming moist ones.
I'd rather eat melty cake than frozen intact ones.
I'd rather.... oh, you get the idea!

So to make my coffee... I heat half a cup of water, mix everything there, then add ice cold water to the brim so that it's warm. 


NP: Be Honest - Jason Mraz

This song just brings out the everything-will-fall-into-place vibes in me.

Three minutes and 25 seconds of an amazing voice singing to a well played acoustic. Perfection

Jason Mraz has been a staple in my iTunes playlist since... since I ever had an iTunes playlist. But this song, it's just so different (different-good) that every time it plays... I stop whatever I am doing, rest my head back, close my eyes and just feel the music. 

It reminds me of my perfect day... Light drizzle, light enough to make the wind cool and to cover up the sun, a cup of coffee, a good book in my hand, and my feet prepped up comfortably on a stool while I lay back on a cushy couch.

Bucket List #2 ++ Update

I already have 3 oil paintings lying around this house. 2 of them actually looks decent. And one was even put into a frame by my dad and it used to hang in my bedroom, till I found a better substitute. But since, I painted those stuff when I was in a summer art class, it didn't really feel like me. So I want to paint to express. I'm definitely getting paint supplies, canvass and a decent overpriced pencil on Christmas.


I've been writing a lot recently. I'm actually on my 9th page (Cambria 12pt) and to think I'm not even free-writing. Yes, I've been checking my grammar, spacing and pronouns. My mind has just been on a thinking-spree lately and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Whenever an idea suddenly POPS into my head, I try to write it down.
At the back of my notebook, on my iPod, and even on my phone.
I then transfer it on my laptop, tweak it a little bit and BAM!.
It became an epidemic and I that's how I ended up with 9 pages worth of random writings.

Not in the mood to put it up any moment now. But who knows? 

Bucket List #1

Get a tattoo. On my wrist.
Then people who sees it would ask "Ineffable? Like Not f-able" and I would be like "No idiot, it means too great to be described in words." 

Like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciagirl/6151294702/ but horizontally written and in a typewriter font like Prestige Elite. Damn. That would be awesome.

Took the liberty to have a sample on my wrist. Looks pretty decent. Must get one before I'm 25. 



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