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Lesson not love.

To the one who got away...

For the first month after you cut the 'serendipity' line we both hold together, I became angry... seething mad at you. You promised to hang on despite circumstances, to believe in us no matter our doubts, and to have confidence in the reality of 'forever'...
and just one day, you realized we weren't worth this promise... I wasn't worth this promise...

I didn't hate you at first... I keep on thinking and imagining how likely it is that you'd take back your words and be with me again. It kept me going. For a full 6 days. Till you break me your news that you're seeing somebody else.
Not even a week after I was crushed. I wasn't even finished crying over everything.

It was just so unfair...

But now... I can write this letter with a smile on my face. I think I have moved on. I'm proud to say that there are even days when you wouldn't enter my thoughts.

I still wonder once in a while how you're living your life now... how's your new girl... how's your kids... how's your mom.
But I always come to my senses that you're not a part of me anymore and I have no reason and justification whatsoever to check on you... and probably be hurt in the process.

I loved you, no matter how I try to deny it... I loved you... but I don't think I still do.

I don't know how I moved on from you so fast... but being faced with the harsh truth speeds up the process, like ripping a band-aid if I may say so.

I've let you go... I've let the thoughts of you go...

So now, I can finally turn the page.


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