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Do you know how I'm positively sure that I'm an introvert....

I've thought about this scenario.
Locked up in jail, or worse, solitary confinement, and the only thing that I get to have (aside from food, toilet stuff, and water) is an endless supply of books. 
I felt indifferent about it at first. Hell, even after a few moments, I felt a little twinge of disposition towards it.

I don't know if I'm biased because I breathe books... but if I weren't an INTROVERT... That locked up in jail part would automatically be a NO-NO. 

I'm not scared of being in solitary. I don't need to talk all the time. I don't live to interact.
But it doesn't mean that I do not sometimes crave for it... specially towards the people I love.

Let's just say that if I were in "Castaway"... I wouldn't need a volleyball painted in blood to keep me sane... I would probably just need coconuts and I'll be all good...

...for a long long long while. 


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