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Late night epiphanies.
The greatest human love will falter through a mistake.
The greatest ship will sail through many a men.
The greatest tree will grow after it's been watered.
The greatest grade will be met after nights of studying.
The greatest wedding will be held after months of planning.
The greatest storm will be created after passing through warm waters.
The greatest victory will be claimed through the strongest warriors.
The greatest food will be cooked through the perfect ingredients.
The greatest knowledge will be known through the greatest experiences.
Only one thing is unconditional…
His love for you. For us.
No questions asked, no requirements needed.

Books x 135

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

Chiloe has
read 135 books toward her goal of 150 books.

If this number implies any statement, it would be either of the following...

  • She probably has spent more hours reading than sleeping.

  • Her eyesight probably gets worse every 6 months.

  • The main purpose of her tablet is for reading.

  • Her standards in men must be as high as Mt. Everest... if it was put on top of Burj Khalifa.

  • She probably prefers staying in during weekends than hanging out.

  • She can probably live without the internet as long as she has a stock of books.

  • Her dream must be to become a book editor.

Given that we've only passed by 5 months since the start of the year, the amount of books I've read per month is 27... Assuming that on average I finish a book in 4 hours, this means that I've spent 108 hours with my nose buried on my iPad/Kindle/Laptop.

I have 108 hours worth of words, phrases, sentences, stories, plots, climax, endings, epilogues, playlists, cliffhangers, character developments etc. in my brain.

And I'm off to load in more. *scurries of to where my tablet is*

I have a certain fascination on ellipsis
Apparently, I'm an okay writer... Interesting enough for me to have the push to write more so I'll have something to read in the future. Cause I'm one interesting sonuvabitch. (Sorry, laid it thick back there. Ignore)

Realization hit me when I chanced upon my digital diary (Day One App) and I backread some of my entries...

Below are some snippets inside my deep dark mind

[Click me]

I dream of the day when Philippines start importing human capital cause we're so cool and down likedaaat.

OMG Imagine seeing British, Irish, Scandinavian, Australian workers all around. YUUUM

I used to not care…

Then everyone started giving me their feedbacks and I feel like I have this obligation to be better...

I look back and assess if whether or not i regret giving him the ability to hurt me…
If i regret loving him, spending time with him, knowing him…
But i don't…
I want to...
but i don't...

Lesson not love.

To the one who got away...

For the first month after you cut the 'serendipity' line we both hold together, I became angry... seething mad at you. You promised to hang on despite circumstances, to believe in us no matter our doubts, and to have confidence in the reality of 'forever'...
and just one day, you realized we weren't worth this promise... I wasn't worth this promise...

I didn't hate you at first... I keep on thinking and imagining how likely it is that you'd take back your words and be with me again. It kept me going. For a full 6 days. Till you break me your news that you're seeing somebody else.
Not even a week after I was crushed. I wasn't even finished crying over everything.

It was just so unfair...

But now... I can write this letter with a smile on my face. I think I have moved on. I'm proud to say that there are even days when you wouldn't enter my thoughts.

I still wonder once in a while how you're living your life now... how's your new girl... how's your kids... how's your mom.
But I always come to my senses that you're not a part of me anymore and I have no reason and justification whatsoever to check on you... and probably be hurt in the process.

I loved you, no matter how I try to deny it... I loved you... but I don't think I still do.

I don't know how I moved on from you so fast... but being faced with the harsh truth speeds up the process, like ripping a band-aid if I may say so.

I've let you go... I've let the thoughts of you go...

So now, I can finally turn the page.

I'm not a breakfast person. Breakfast for me means coffee and it's enough to get me through the day. But after experiencing tummy cramps from what I suspect is a warning for ulcer, I've been thinking I should ingest energy food anod not just acidic drinks.

Enter granola bars.
I've bought a box of these in Malaysia so I'm really hoping that if I run out of bars, I can still find it somewhere here in the Philippines (Healthy Options maybe?).
Maple brown sugar granola bars. They're kinda sweet and if not for reading the nutrition facts, I would have guessed I'm eating 500 calories per pack.
It's like eating oatmeal and cereals and pancakes. Heaven!

Sometimes, it's all I eat in the day. You get two bars per pack, and I usually eat the first one on my way to school and then, I eat the last bar on my way back.

Yay for granola bars!

I want to be a better blogger and/or writer. Hence, my digicam will now take up residence inside my bag.
I'm not promising anything since I have a short attention span, but I'll CAPITAL T-R-Y

So, for my first blog entry for the year. I'll give you a photo dump

1 - Singapore Flyer. Saw it on my way to the airport and I just kept taking photos of it. Out of the 20 shots I've taken, this one's the best (aka only decent one I got)
2 - Gong Cha - Changi. Lucky guess cause it's called Melon Milk Tea (I was aiming for Wintermelon but the SG menu was slightly different from what I was used to). Apparently, the cashier no habla Ingles so I unintentionally agreed to adding pearls.
3 - Dinner before flight (Changi too). Danish fish and chips. Meh.
4 - Green and hazel eyes. Watercolor
. Have to work on my colors.

I'll also be posting about my holiday adventure. Maybe this weekend? Yes?

2012's been a blast.
I am head over heels in love over someone. Have been for more than 4 months now.

and in an unexpected twist of fate...
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Goodreads Quote of the Day

I'm subscribed to Goodreads Quote of the Day... Every single day they send my email various quotes from different authors... May it be from their books or interviews.
I love this subscription. Better than any quote of the day app I've ever had. It's relevant and witty... and it's not hard to comprehend. It's not too deep and not to shallow. Perfect for one-time readers. No need to reread just to make sure that you fully get the meaning.

Runner up:
The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.
-Napoleon Hill

When everything gets overwhelming and you feel like it's more than just "like" but still not to the point of "love"..

You invent a word that goes in between

Silly I know...
But when I utter it, it sounds like "love" and since I am aware of how it is spelled, you pronounce it with a lesser intention.

Do you know how I'm positively sure that I'm an introvert....

I've thought about this scenario.
Locked up in jail, or worse, solitary confinement, and the only thing that I get to have (aside from food, toilet stuff, and water) is an endless supply of books. 
I felt indifferent about it at first. Hell, even after a few moments, I felt a little twinge of disposition towards it.

I don't know if I'm biased because I breathe books... but if I weren't an INTROVERT... That locked up in jail part would automatically be a NO-NO. 

I'm not scared of being in solitary. I don't need to talk all the time. I don't live to interact.
But it doesn't mean that I do not sometimes crave for it... specially towards the people I love.

Let's just say that if I were in "Castaway"... I wouldn't need a volleyball painted in blood to keep me sane... I would probably just need coconuts and I'll be all good...

...for a long long long while.